Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Automatically connect Mobile Broadband in Linux

Do you use Mobile Broadband in Ubuntu?
Does it get disconnected often(I use DOCOMO and it is disconnected every hour) ?
disconnection is headache when you want to sleep and leave your laptop for downloading all night but when you wake up and come to know that download was stopped after an hour or half after you sleep !!! :-(
I had same problem and decided to overcome. I've written a bash script which will help you get rid of this.
Put this script in Start-Up programs.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fuduntu 2012.1 (Fedora-based Linux Distro)

Today I am here with the news of new linux distro called FUDUNTU.
Fuduntu has released version 2012.1, the first release under their new numbering system where they have the year first then followed by release version. The Fuduntu quarterly installation ISO image (2012.1) is now available for download. As with all Fuduntu releases, this release continues the older tradition of small incremental improvements. It is important to note that existing Fuduntu users will roll up to this version through the normal update process, and do not need to download or install from this media to benefit from this release.

Brief Overview:-

Fuduntu is a Fedora-based Linux distro created by Andrew Wyatt, designed to fit in somewhere between Fedora and Ubuntu, hence the name. The main features of this latest release is an updated Linux Kernel - to 3.1.6, Chromium 16 and Adobe Flash Player  It is designed to be aesthetically pleasing, and is optimized for Netbook and other portable computers. Fuduntu isn't limited to portable computers however, it is a fantastic desktop distribution too.

A Few of The Default Packages Found in Fuduntu :-
  • Chromium
  • Banshee
  • VLC
  • Adobe Flash (licensed)
  • Fluendo MP3 Codec (licensed)
  • Infinality Freetype
  • Nautilus Elementary
  • Jupiter

To Download Fuduntu Click Here

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

SPI Calc v0.1 by me

Simple SPI Calculator written in java.

this is for GTU students.
if you think this is helpful share with your friends.
if you find any bugs, let me know.
it is desktop application not mobile.
you will need JRE to run this app.
if you want this app to be written for your mobile, comment below your mobile's Model number.

JRE=Java Runtime Environment 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Top 10 source code sharing websites

With advancement in technology and programming languages, people are searching for websites to share their codes.
Some  of the popular code snippets sharing websites are listed below :
1. Snipplr - This website is mostly used to keep all the codes in one place. You can share your own codes and keep the codes updated in one particular place.
2. Code Pad - Code Pad can be considered as a simple and modest tool that offers online interpretation and compilation. After you update the code in the space provided by the website, Code Pad will offer a link that can be used to share the codes in email or chat.
3. Pastebin – Codes can be pasted and shared online. Most recent post are updated with the view output format. Most relevant codes are listed in the groups as XHTML, JavaScript, JQuery, DOJO and JQuery UI.
4. Dzone – This can be the best website for sharing codes after categorizing them. Codes can be shared with others after they are categorized with relevant keywords.
5. SourceForge – This website has quite a lot of good stuff and it can be stated as a best site with power.
6. CodeSnippets - You may build your own and personal snippet and share it with everybody around the globe. Each and every code can easily be categorized with separate tags and keywords.
7. Code Project – There are more than 30,000 articles on software development and designing. This website is loaded with all of the latest updates on mobiles and other coding languages along with general programming.
8. Snipt – This website allows the users to paste in long scripts and allows them to share it with a short URL. In addition the developers are provided with API that can be used with other applications.
9. Pastie – This website offers cool codes which are posted as pasties. Recent pastes are updated first. You can update your own pasted codes and share it with the public.
10. ByteMyCode – This website makes the chances of sharing the codes easier with pre-made communities. Most of the codes can easily be shared, commented and rated depending upon popularity.

Top 10 PHP frameworks 2011

Now a days majority of online websites are developed using PHP scripting as it gives a lot of expansive possibilities. It was the invention of Danish programmer Rasmus Lerdof in the year 1995. PHP evolved into becoming a base and building block in order to develop rapid application developments. Basic frameworks were created which in turn would become the skeletal structure of modern applications and thus speeding up the development process. There are many different frameworks available in the market, but here are the top 10 ones you should select from.
1) Nette : A simple but powerful, component based and event driven framework for creating web based applications and services in PHP5. Applications developed by Nette can be expanded in future as per requirements. It comes with the so called technological innovations which are less found in other frameworks.
2) Codelgniter : Codelgniter comprises of a simple tool kit to develop powerful web applications with lots of features. It is consise but an effective framework to develop applications without much trouble and in short durations.
3) Zikula : Zikula is a web-application developer tool kit which help you to create effective websites. It has an online administration to manage a site and easier procedures to add or remove features.
4) Zend : It is an enterprise ready framework built with fast and effective methods. The framework is unit-tested ensuring strict code coverage requirements which will evolve into a more stable and easy to expand system.
5) Symfony : It is focussed and speeding up the process of creation and maintenance of websites with power and control over various elements used. The lesser basic requirements of the framework makes it easier to install on any configuration and its compatible with almost every database available.
6) CakePHP : Being a rapid development framework for PHP it provides an architecture that is quite expandable and great for developing, maintaining and deploying applications.
7) Prado : The main feature of Prado is that it’s a component based and event driven programming framework for developing different types of web based applications in PHP5. PRADO stands for PHP Rapid Application Development Object-Oriented. One of the important requirements to run Prado based applications is availability of a web server that supports PHP 5.1.0 or higher versions.
8) Akelos : As availability of PHP is the only requirement Akelos based web applications can run on most of the shared hosting service providers. As any non-standard PHP configurations are not required by Akelos its best suited to run stand alone web applications.
9) Kohana : Its main advantage being that it requires very little configuration. It provides many tools a developer would be looking out for. It fully supports UTF-8 and I18N. It provides a rich set of components essential for developing web based applications.
10) Seagull : It is a matured object oriented programming framework for developing web based applications. It is also used in developing command line based and GUI applications. It is an effective framework for the beginners to advanced developers.

Top 10 javascript frameworks of 2010

JavaScript Frameworks have become a primary element for web design. Almost all websites use JavaScript or Ajax at present, for designing as well as developing purpose. This is probably one of the main elements to improve Web 2.0 style, of designing.
There are many Java script libraries that have popular reach among the computer users and occupy a special position in the Java script arena. For those who are on a look out for the best, alternative script and solution, the following Java script libraries would be helpful.
Before you may stick on to a particular Java script frame work that may best suit your needs, you will have to analyze on the available Java script libraries.
Top 10 Javascript Frameworks of 2010 are :
  • jQuery : Jquery is a fast, compact, javascript library which eases and simplifies the method of traversing HTML documents, adding Ajax interactions, managing events, performing and displaying animations on your Web pages. Jquery is developed to change and open a new way to write Java Script by you.
  • Prototype- For dynamic web applications development, this Java Script framework is used to ease the difficulty of developing. It features the best Ajax library around, easy to use toolkit for the development and moreover Prototype is becoming an base choice for web developing applications.
  • provides you with cross-browser, JavaScript-libraries, user interface, easy-to-use application to convert your web site from static to dynamic is not a framework by nature; rather it’s an add-on for the Prototype.
  • Moo Tools : Moo tool is a modular, object-inclined, compact Java Script framework which has been designed for beginner to professional JavaScript Developer. It permits you itself to write flexible, strong, cross browser codes with its coherent and elegant API

  • JavaScriptMVC- It is an open source framework which contains the best ideas on development of JavaScript Enterprise. By promoting rigorous practice, maintainability it guides you to complete projects in a easy manner
  • Developer. Yahoo The YUI library is a pack of utilities and controls which are written with JavaScript and CSS so as to build rich , interactive, attractive, very dynamic web application networks with the help of DMO , DHTML technique.
YUI Library
  • Qooxdo :This a innovative and very comprehensive framework to create rich web applications. Influencing object-inclined Java Script allows developers to develop interesting cross browser applications
  • MochKit : MochKit helps you to get done with JavaScript Libraries . It is highly documented and tested to suite the requirements of JavaScript. Mochkit can opt for any codes you throw at it. It does not make any assumptions how your codes need to act, and you can define your programming representation, comparisons, etc .
  • Rialto : The aim of Rialto is corporate internet sites and not general web sites.This is a javascript widget library, it can capsulate JSP,JSF etc.Ideally a Rialto developer doesnot required to write or learn DHTML,AJAX,DOM etc.
  • Sproutcore-  This is an HTML 5 web application framework for making attractive, compassionate desktop calibre application in any recent browser without any plug-in. Sproutcore programs are full coded with javascript and it works or acts by doing that only thing which can eliminate the problems regarding Latency. This meant for augment existing webpages and its not a redundant JavaScript Library .

Top 10 free Photoshop Replacements

Adobe Photoshop is a must have thing in any web designer’s list of favourites. This beloved software boasts many options which are excellent in photo editing, designing, modifying, developing etc. But to own this software is a strange fact (price factor), which breaks the heart of many professional geeks. Luckily, there are many replacements available and in open source(and free also) , which can do as much work as Photoshop, sometimes more.
So, here I will tell you about 10 open source replacements for Photoshop, which will meet Photoshop’s power nonetheless.
Optimised for Mac, ChocoFlop is designing software with which great amount of designing work can be done. This program is currently costs some bucks when it has been transformed from current Beta version to higher one. Considering overall, it is worth looking on it.
Krita is a part of the Koffice suit for Linux and is somehow less in capability, than Photoshop. This application, though, had won the best designing application Academy Award, in 2006.The software is well enough to carry out tough designing and development.
This is powerful and very popular image editor , in Mac Platform and it has been one of the easy to use application for web designing and other editorial works. This aren’t free, still it can be afforded to buy. It’s a layer based web editor no doubt.
With many advance tools, this is another open source application to be graded on this list.
It provides layers, group layers and PSD file support for advance level Designers. You can easily load advance filters of Photoshop is this software.
This application is mainly used in studios where animation movies are made , still this application can be used as image editor .Its capability extends to high modification of 32-bit colorization .
Its another strong and regal application in image editing, which includes some great array of features including layer etc. You can call this: a successor of Photoshop.
GNU image manipulation program is one of the ancient known alternative for Photoshop. It is a cross platform and have support of many community , moreover you will find almost all the features of photoshop included somewhere in this application.
This is another cross platform, web based image editor which has recently been taken off due to collaboration with Fickr. This application holds some new and advance features like layers, special effects etc.. and can be regarded one of the best alternatives for Photoshop
This is a very simple application and easy to use. Any work can be done very easily and if you are not a Professional, then this the right application for you. The simplicity of this application cant be understand until and unless you use it for once.
This is an application which is fully loaded with photo viewing, editing. If you are looking for piles of features then this is buddy comes first. This software even converts RAW files to any format of your choice. So it can be regarded as complete all-in-one Photo Toll Kit.

Top 10 Designer Gadgets

Here is a list of 10 designer gadgets that you dont need, but you would wish you did.
1. MegaPhone :
This stylish ceramic amplifier by en&is is made specially for your iPhone. The wooden base not only increases the aesthetic beauty of the amplifier but also makes sure that the sound you hear is the best quality. Minimal design definitely goes well with Apple’s design. You can buy it here.
2. Tengo :
No you dont really need this, but then this article isnt about gadgets that you need, is it?  This tiny little character lip syncs with the music thats playing on your computer. And I already said that you dont need it, but it still is pretty cool. Oh, and yeah if the music stops, this little guy gets bored and takes a nap. So yeah if you want to add a little funny guy on your desk, then this is for you. Get it here.
3.Infinite Usb:
Now this is great design where function and form come together in a perfect combination. A USB  which creates a new port as well. And the little top bar of color adds just the right amount of flavor. If only it was in production. Well I am surely ready to wait.
4.Data Clip:
Paper clip with USB. Extremely useful. Its available in a variety of colors and the best part is, this way you can keep the digital copies and the paperwork together.
5. LaCie Hub:
Who likes messy wires? Certainly not me, and what an elegant and beautiful way to keep the mess clean. It has firewire and USB. All that you need is right here. In this tiny little globe. Check out the site.
6. iPhone SLR mount :
An amazing iPhone addon, this will let you use the full capability of your iPhone’s CMOS sensor. There are 2 mounts, for Nikon and Canon lens each. Using this you can add manual focus and DOF to your iPhone. You can also hang it with the two holes on the case. Buy it here.
7.Timeline Tools :
Now making a timeline of the process of creating became a lot more easier. This toolbox has a camera that will take images of your workflow and then add timestamp to them and  tweet them. How cool is that? Now no need to worry about documentation, just get working. A demo video is available.
8.Mute watch:
If you like simple watch designs, this one is for you. This watch will be like a bracelet, and only show time when you tap on the screen. Then you can set time, see the stopwatch, timer. Simple, clean and elegant, and definite entry on my wishlist. And they ship internationally.
Now you dont need to look for the remote to change your tv channel. Peel along with your iPhone and the free peel app will transform your iPhone to a remote, and more. It has suggestions so that you dont need to search too much for what you want to watch. You can check out the site here.
10. And last but not the least , this alarm clock is for the extra lazy ones. It shreds money, so you better wake up on time. Though I think this is just a joke, but you never know.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Launch Event on Oct 19th [Watch Live on YouTube]

The Google and Samsung event has now been officially confirmed to be held on Oct 19th at 9:30 AM in iHong Kong The media event originally scheduled for Oct 11th was delayed following Steve Jobs death. Apparently, the press invite depicts that Google is going to launch the next major iteration of Android OS, i.e. Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). It’s highly speculated that much anticipated  Google Android smartphones ‘Google Nexus’ or ‘Nexus Prime’ might also be officially unveiled at the event.
“The Samsung/Google media event has been rescheduled to take place on October 19 in Hong Kong, China at S221 Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre.”
Following this news, the statue of Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) has also been erected in the Googleplex campus. Check out the below video uploaded by Android Developers.
Watch Android Event Live at YouTube on Oct 19th –
Google will Live stream the Google/Samsung Ice Cream Sandwich and Nexus Prime or Google Nexus press event on YouTube at 10AM, Hong Kong Time (HKT). That’s 7PM Pacific/10PM Eastern on Oct 18th, timing for India is 7:30AM, Wednesday. Check yourLocal timings here.
Livestream Link –
We’re really excited to have the delicious ice cream sandwich, are you? ;)